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Lighting is essential in every room of your home. Strategically placed lights can have a big effect on the spaceciousness of your room. A design floor lamp in an empty corner, a matching table lamp on a beautiful set table or a design hanging lamp in a high hallway make your interior. Bring more atmospher in your home with the right mix of lamps.

We have a wide collection of lamps. From the hanging lamp above he coffee table till the table lamps on the night stands next to your bed. For every taste and space you are able to find a suitable lamp. Are you looking for classic black lamps, modern designs or rather romantic white? In our collection you will find several hanging lamps, floor lamps and table lamps. Read your favorite book under a beautiful floor lamp next to your favorite chair or have a nice diner with friends at the dining table under a nice hanging lamp.

Henders and Hazel styling tips lamps

  • For a varied and exciting living room you are best to combine a table lamp, a hanging lamp, a floor lamp and a hanging lamp. This creates interesting light angles and this way you can even light the darkest corners.
  • Lampshades leave a mark on the style of your interior. Consider carefully which room you want to place a lamp with a lampshade and consider in advance what the atmospher should be.
  • There are many different types of lights. With the right shade of lighting you can create a warmer atmosphere. Or are you just looking for a cool, industrial atmosphere? A warn color will be up to 2700 degrees Kelvin. Above 3000 degrees Kelvin the light will be cooler for the eyes. This information can be found back on the packaging of the lighting. Besides the basic colors (yellow and white) , there are other colors available. Especially at parties, dinners and movienights can optimize the atmosphere in house.
  • When buying lamps check the possibility to dim the lights. A hanging lamp above the dining table can create a lot of atmosphere if you are able to dim the lights after dinner and move on to drinks!
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