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Home accessories

Do you want to make your home even more personal? Then home accessories are the best way to give your living room and the rest of the house a personal touch. Interior accessories complete the set dining table. Well-chosen home accessories is the eye-catcher on the coffee table or sideboard.

The living room is often the most important part of a house. It is the room that you enter after a day at work. During a house party guests are usually welcomed in the living room. On this page you will find the nicest home accessories and styling tips. We have a large and diverse collection of home accessories. Picture frames, fruit bowls, footstools, throw cushion and ceramic Buddha's. Whatever your taste is, with the Henders and Hazel home accessories you are able to give your living room a make-over.

Henders and Hazel styling tips home accessories

  • Fruit in a beautiful bowl gives a warm and personal appearance. Think of exotic fruit such as pineapple or coconut. This provides a more trendy appearance than just a bowl with the standard various fruits. A simple living room accessory that fit any budget.
  • A collage of different sizes of picture frames on the wall provides a playful and personel touch. Pictures of your kids, grandchildren, friends and loved ones welcome your guests with warmth. For yourself a nice reminder when coming home!
  • A matching footstool with the living room rug provides comfort and style. The footstool is not only a nice seating accessory for the living room, but you can also place your plaids or trays on here during movienight.
  • Fresh flowers in a beautiful vase give a welcome feeling. Go for a few single flowers instead of a standard bouquet. Or decorate your dining table with a classy series of the same vases and flowers. Especially during the holidays this small effort will have an enormous impact.
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