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The chair is one of the oldest pieces of furniture in the world and has always been considered a status symbol één. Now everyone can happily enjoy the sitcomfort of Henders & Hazel. The chair is therfore an indispensable piece of furniture in any home. A table without chairs is like a cup without a saucer.

Enjoy a delicious meal at the table with comfortable dining chairs that you invite you to linger long. Leave the daily matters behind and relax in one of our lucurious armchairs één. Or celebrate the beginning of the weekend with a drink on Henders & Hazel barchairs. We offer a diverse collection of chairs. For each room and function we have suitable chairs. Do you rather sit on a chair with a straight and high back or are you looking for an armchair? You can go to Henders & Hazel to fulfill your wishes in the seating comfort. Enjoy seating comfort in various sizes, colors , materials and shapes. We even have chairs with an adjustable backrest in our range so you can lean back and relax in your dining chair after dinnerl>

Henders and Hazel styling tips chairs

  • Chairs can be a real eye-catcher in your interior. A strategically placed chair or an unique design can give your interior just that bit of spice that was missing! If you have a nice long dining table it might be exciting to vary your dining chairs with different models and chair colors, instead of the standard set of dining chairs. This will give your dining table set an unique character!
  • Chairs are a good investment. Don't only look at the appearance when buying a chair but also think about for what you are going to use the chair for. Is it your favorit lazy chair or a work chair at the dining table? Are you someone who often dines with your friends? Choose your dining chairs with care!
  • Do you have a basic set of dining chairs at your dining table? A cushion with an unique patern will be the best option to personalise the chairs. Chair cushions invite you to comfortably sit down on the extra dining chairs and will make sure that you create enough comfortable seating area creëert.
  • Barchairs are not only fun at the bar, a barchair also creates a quick and stylish extra seatingspace during a party creëert. Have your barchairs or barstools make part of the central living area. This way you create in a flash extra seating area during your party!


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